Building a cube

A lot has happened in the last year; 2021-2022 was definitely a weird one.

in a weird karmic way, today I am at a point where I am now beginning a journey that stems as far back as I can remember, and which has been augmented by the past few years.

Por que nao?

Ending 2021 brought with it a lot of confusion, but also a lot of new and exciting projects! I was lucky enough to take part in the Worm Winter Chili Summer Festival, an experimental arts festival, which took place at De Liceiras 18, here in Porto. The event was a collaboration between De Liceiras 18 – artist-led residency program and Dentro, and included 10 days of visual arts, sound arts, multimedia arts, and much more!  I’ve extended my collaborative experiments in audio-visual composition using a custom video-synth instrumentalization tool, together with fabulous artists, Carlos Campos, Natalie Feldesman, and Maria Joana Torrinha.

there’s a bunch of documentation on the festival events on the YouTube channel, as well as on the Bandcamp page!


Time to put things into practice. So I took a desk in a shared artist-led gallery/working space. I am building a Higher Order Ambisonics sound cube in the large gallery room in the studio.

We are planning listening events to take place starting mid-July in our studio, and sound art performances focused on listening as a practice of sound art mediation.

Being a part of the DENTRO collective, I’ve had the great opportunity to collaborate with some great artists, helping with sound design and spatial sound design for fine art exhibitions in the gallery, most recently Daniela Carneiro Lino’s exhibition. 

I think I will update here more from now on, for documentation purposes, so I may recall works in the future!

exciting times, indeed!