Photo Courtesy of Noamika

In this blog I will update my travels from London, UK to Malawi, Africa, and to Cape-Town, South Africa, Israel and hopefully back.

As I handed in my final creative project for my Master’s at Goldsmith’s, University of London, I realized that this was just the beginning of the journey. Like many things in life, once you start something and dive deep, only then you realize that you went down alice’s rabbit hole, the road seems to open up just enough to show you the tiniest of clues as to the fabric of the research you have made, an exploration into life, and in my case, into perceptual habits, musical conceptualization and composition and the process of communicating with sound.

If there is an entity, a force-field which is the glue to all of this, there must be a relationship governing the conceptual level and the physical manifestation of sound in space and then in our mind’s eye. In order to dive deeper, I opened this blog, in an attempt to use the Tao (the way, in many respects) and record in the process. To keep evolving off the beaten path of localized sound and compositional practice.

stay tuned, more great discoveries are on our doorstep.

Started the trip and am recording some environmental sounds around!