De Liceiras 18

starting off 2020 in a lockdown in South Africa’s quiet coastel surf town of Jeffrey’s Bay, has thrown my life into a twist. As most, A bunch of future projects and plans went down the drain, along with the pandemic limiting my movement…but not my creative juices!

After a short break back in Israel to work on some personal projects (to be revealed very soon) Noam and I took part in an interesting and quirky artist residency program in Porto. What started as a short lived idea, became a love at first sight, and we extended our stay.

Between September – November 2020 we spent time in oPorto, Portugal. Together with other international artists we co-lived and co-worked on 5 different exhibitions, meeting new people daily and absorbing the lifestyle of the Portuguese northern city of art.

Together with Nora Keilig, Noam Friedman, Klára Švandová, Ondřej Doskočil, Irene del Barrio and Leta Lileikytė we banded like gypsies, curating and making 3 open studios exhibitions and a handful of other events.

For my part, I tried to emphasize the program’s multi-disciplinary, cooperative approach, combining my love for visual art and sound art into collaborations that bore fruit in the form of new works together with artists from different disciplines.

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