Brought together by the power of inertia, Awa Du É is a super-group made up of the pan-African aesthetes Aviv Meshulam, Guy Fleisher, Dolev Nahoom Sanbira, and Tal Meshulam. Formed in 2019, the group has set its course with their debut album, AWANTOT, an homage to great afrobeat and afro-fusion styles. Each member of the band comes from a rich and diverse background in music, from music production, studio work, jazz and performance, DJing, and more.

The group’s sound comes from an initial experiment in composition, where the music was improvised on the spot and recorded immediately, reminiscent of old methods of music recording. As a continuation of that approach, the group plays with a natural method of composition, similar to jazz and soul classics from the good old days of reel tape recording, placing the vibe in the front seat, and the party in the back.

In 2019 the band added ammunition to its arsenal, inviting Omri Cohen on guitars, bass, and synths, and Omri Skop on guitars. Together they’ve recorded their 3rd album, extending their working schematic far and wide, expanding their inspiration to other worlds of creation, intention, and elevation. They have also collaborated with ⅔ of the group RAS, Guy Gefen and Dekel Adin for their latest release, recorded in 2020.