Seven Percent Mind Usage

I played and recorded with Israeli hardcore/metal band 7PMU.
We toured the USA and Israel right after the release of our full-length album, headlining shows in Israel in support of international Math-Metal acts Between the Buried and Me and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Seven Percent Mind Usage has always been unique on the Alternative musical landscape of Israel, smashing stages whilst building its own unique and distinct style, which represents a wide spectrum of influences from Jazz to Metal, from Hardcore to Surf, all under the framework of Alternative Rock.
The four members of 7PMU have produced a powerful alternative rock album, consists of more than rock N’ roll antics, with a unique approach to alternative rock, combining in it riffs, licks, lines, parts, hooks and melodies. Co-produced and mixed under the hands of Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, He Is Legend, Wretched, The Contortionist, and many more)

Furthermore, I have remixed some of the tracks from the album, as reimagined versions to include more electro-acoustic ideas.