Room Synth

My interest in audio-visual correlations between color and sound in performance has led me to this iteration, using the participants physically located in the space, which forms the basis of the composition.

The participants’ movements are monitored and analyzed for color (what they wear, hair color, motion in space), which “plays” the instrument in real-time, creating a unique spatial composition. The location of participants in the space will determine the spatial elements’ distribution in the space, and the sonic texture formed, through color and motion.
In essence, the participants become part of a room-sized synthesizer.
Suggested chords will be placed in the space as specific colored fabrics, for the participants to use freely (R, G, B).

The basic primaries relate to the C, F#, and B notes on the keyboard. All notes are scaled using just intonation based around A=432Hz

This project is a continuation of my previous work ‘VideoSynth’, which was exhibited in Portugal and Israel.

The project was exhibited as part of the Chili Summer Festival, in June 2022, at DENTRO Gallery, Porto, Portugal.

Room Enterance